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I will Boost Your Insta Game: 30 Pro Posts & Targeted Hashtags!


Are you struggling to make your Instagram profile stand out among the crowd? Look no further!

As a professional Canva and Adobe designer + copywriter with 2 years of experience, I know that it's not just about creating high-quality posts. It's about having a strong content strategy that resonates with your target audience.

That's why I'm here to offer you the ultimate Instagram makeover package!

1) Content Planning & Research - I'll conduct thorough research and planning to ensure your content is tailored to your specific niche.

2) Strong Content Strategy - With 2 years of experience as a Canva + Adobe designer and copywriter, I'll create a personalised content strategy to help you achieve your SMART goals.

3) Hashtag Research - I'll research and select up to 15 targeted hashtags for each of the 30 posts to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

4) 30 Posts with Descriptions - You'll receive 30 stunning posts, complete with their descriptions, ready to be posted on your Instagram feed.

5) Scheduled Posts - No need to worry about posting them yourself - I'll schedule all 30 posts using Instagram's free scheduler.

6) New Bio with CTA - Your new bio will feature a specific call-to-action to help drive engagement and conversions.

7) Profile Photo Update - If desired, I'll update your profile photo to help showcase your brand's personality and style.

8) New Highlight Covers - I'll create a brand new highlights cover to help your profile stand out.

9) 6 Pin-worthy Posts - I'll also create 6 pin-worthy posts to showcase your brand's best features and products.

Don't settle for a mediocre Instagram profile - let me help you create a stunning and engaging feed that will drive conversions and engagement.

Contact me now to get started!



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