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Mobile Apps Bug Fixes

I Will Solve Your Android Phones Issues Instantly


Hey Client,Welcome to my Gig....

I am here to fix your android phones setting or app related issues.
You can easily discuss with me about your phones issues in fluent english.

I have solved these things before and if you are also facing these you can hire me to fix it up:
√Apps not installed
√Playstore not working
√Phone or app crashes
√Apps not downloading
√Apps ares consuming heavy space(like telegram)
√Games Problem
√Software issues
√Settings issues
√Widgets issues etc
√√Any App related Idea If You want to know or other phone related idea

Contact me with these info--
×Your Phones Problem
>You Device Name and Model name

I hope I will be able to put an end to your search for the solution of android issues.



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Price: $1.16
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 3