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I will fix issues with your facebook marketplace


Hello welcome to my profile,

To be honest I am sorry to see your here I wish you marketplace not locked and you have to search for a restoration service for that, But FB is too unpredictable they will gonna ban you one day for no reason. I know that's is too much frustrating but we cannot do anything for that. But if your marketplace account is locked due to some violations or without any violations and you have already tried to restore it back but you don't have any luck so far then I am happy to let you know you are on the right place to get your marketplace back within some days.

From my previous experience restoring my past clients account usually it takes less than a day to get marketplace account but but in rare cases it crossed 7 days. No matter, your account is permanently disabled or you think it won't back again I am here to restore it for you from my experience with it.

Moreover, I will assist you with any kind of bugs, glitches, bans, restrictions, locked out issues with marketplace & shops.

Looking forward to serve you...

Thank you



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Thank you

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