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I will check 1 article +6000 words: if it's original, if it respects google Adsense terms, If made by AI...


Hello, welcome to my gig🌷❤️
I am here to do it for you with top notch service 👌

If you have freelancers or people writing for your blog- website! you have to be careful about the latest Google Adsense terms, and search engine rules, because most blog owners are getting baned from Google Adsense because of using other people content or using content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Or even if you are new or you have new projects Don't waste your valuable time I'm here to do it for you.

🟢 If you want to know if your content is:
🔴Original content. ❓
🔴Respect google AdSense terms.❓
🔴Grammatically correct.❓
🔴Not stolen or plagiarism.❓
🔴SEO friendly.❓
🔴Not generated by ai.❓
🟢Up to 6000 characters (word).

Then you are in the right gig, I will do full professional research about your content origin, and I will give you a full demonstration about it. and also I will check linguist for grammar as a bonus.👌✔️

Just provide me the content you want me to check for you (article or script), and I assure you and guarantee that you will get the best service, and my job will be to satisfy you, sir. Be safe about what are you going to post and avoid legal problems too, and most important know what are paying for is original or stolen.

Don't hesitate sir to ask any further questions about my service.
I'll be more than glad to assist you or work for you.

Greetings and good luck with your project.



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