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Telemarketing Lead generation

I will do 100 b2b lead generation, linkedin leads, business leads and email list building


Hi Sir
Would you like to Quickly Increase Your Sales With Our Tested and Qualified Leads?
Are you seeking a B2B lead generation expert to build a qualified B2B LinkedIn Leads, business leads and email list?

I believe you are in the right place. By engaging in all forms of B2B lead generation, I assist firms in expanding. Based on your specifications and criteria, I will do research and gather data.
Below is the information I require to comprehend your request:

Industry/Business Type
Data Fields

I'll generate your prospect lists using well-known websites like Google search,, Crunchbase, Apollo, Prominent Online Directories, and many other paid resources after getting your criteria.

Why would you choose me?

Friendly Communication
24/7 Support
Free revision until you are satisfied
Bounce Testing:-
Verify leads to eliminate any fake email addresses
Identify and Remove spam that may affect your ability to land in customer inboxes
Confirm low bounce rate via paid tools and manual testing results will be shared with you!

If you have any queries or would want to discuss your needs in more detail, please get in touch.




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Price: $10.50
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 3