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WHY WordPress Website Speed Optimization is Necessary?

Whenever someone visits your site, the first impression is all that matters. Wp Speed/Page Speed is now one of the most critical factors for ranking in Search engines.

I'm optimizing LCP, FCP, CLS, lowering total blocking time and time to interactive. I also take special care about minimizing the main thread work, fixing passive scrolling performance, and other minor stuff.

I will speed up the WordPress website also increase WordPress speed with WordPress speed optimization By doing:

1) WordPress Speed Optimization:

Compress all images
Configure a caching plugin
Minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript files
Disabling unnecessary features that slow your site down
Image Optimization
Fixing Bad Requests
Minimizing the number of total requests
Minifying JS, HTML and CSS

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Published 8 months ago

If it is through the template I use, I want the service But if it is through a template you have, I do not want it

I will try to do it the way you want, but we need to talk about something

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