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Graphic Design Logo & Brand Identity

I will design a minimalist logo and brand identity for your Real Estate business


Effective Brand identity fosters increased awareness and help attracts your target audience ultimately increasing your CVR and website traffic

Sounds amazing right?!

Hi my Name is Nwosu Favour and I am Branding Specialist with about 3yrs of Working experience working extensively with Real Estate

As a designer I make it top priority to involve my clients in every decision making step as It is best to work with their brand goals. Too many designers focus only on beauty without asking important questions like what is your target audience? How do you want them to perceive your company/business?

My process involves an Indepth Consultation to discover you specific needs and from this we work closely to build a comprehensive Brand identity which will include the following;

✓ logo design ( clean, workable and minimalist)
✓ Brand Typography( fonts)
✓ Brand Color
✓ Brand Guidelines
✓Social Media Assets
✓ Brand Assets( Business cards, letter heads, packages etc.)

Indeed effective Branding taps into the psyche of potential customers provoking them to take necessary actions which has been secret of many Million Dollar Brands out there(Apple, Nike etc.) I am assuring that you're getting nothing but the best!

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Price: $5.25
Delivery time: 2 days
Max revisions: 2