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Financial & Business Consulting Analysis, Valuation & Optimization

I will be your dedicated Excel dashboard developer


Are you looking for a Responsible, Fast, Organized, and completely Reliable and efficient Freelancer? I am the Right person for you.

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Both functionality and beauty play an important role in reporting. It is not just enough to build a functional report if you need to search some time to get an answer on how your business is doing.

Smart reports are the ones that provide relevant information in real time on very obvious way. For this reason, I apply principles of graphical design to customize the report to your specific view and provide an insight without any effort. Utilization of info graphics provide an easy-to-understand overview of a topic by collection of imagery, charts and minimal text.

If you are tired of staring at pivot tables and looking for something more visually appealing while you are making important business decision, then this is a right gig for you. I am offering services such as:

remake of existing Microsoft Excel report using default and customized graphical elements

Please reach out to discuss your business needs. I will tailor a customized offer that perfectly suits your business requirements.

Who is this for?

Business Owners
Data Owners
Decision Makers
Heads of Department - Sales, HR, Finance, Procurement

What type of Data you can have?

Excel Sheets
Sales Data
Website Data

What type of Results can be expected?

Analytics - Sales, Customer, Geography, Product, HR, Performance
Budgeting, Forecasting, and Variance Analysis - Yearly, Qrtly, Monthly
KPIs and Business Drivers
Amazon 'real' Sales, expense, and profits analysis
Portfolio Tracker

Why me?

Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst (India)
4+ Experience in Microsoft Excel
5+ years of Sales Consultancy (Budgeting, Forecasting, Variance)
My Motive is to make my customer happy without adding additional charges.



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Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia


Thank you for helpping me with Excel

Published 1 yr ago

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Pakistan Pakistan


Its brilliant but payment still not receive

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Nigeria Nigeria

Published 5 months ago

Hello, I want you to create something better than this for me

Hope you will be fine. Thank you so much for contacting with me.
Yes i can create a batter sheet for you with also a dashboard where you can check yours data and analyse your business.
If you want i can make it easy also i will teaches you the file will be prepared for you.

Thank you.

Price: $103.50
Delivery time: 2 days
Max revisions: 5