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Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

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Digital Writing Editing

I will Convert 10 Documents from PDF to word or from Word to PDF.


I am Shahfeek

☻I'm a graphic designer with experience in Microsoft Office.

☻We never skimp on precision, accuracy or meeting deadlines.

☻I have a lot of experience with Microsoft Office applications.

☻Your approval and openly supportive comments will motivate me to improve.

► Price $1.05 for 10 documents.

☻I have been typing for over 8 years.

☻I have a perfect typing speed of 105 wpm (words per minute).

✔️ PDF to Word and PDF to Excel are my services.
✔️ Text from images, JPEG to Word and PNG to WORD.
✔️ Word writing of scanned PDF images.

On-time delivery, never late, and 100% customer support even after the order is completed.

I am grateful.




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Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


Excellent work completed in very good time. The seller did exactly as I ordered, I'm very pleased. Great gig offer & Thank you. Will order again soon. 👏👏👍

Published 3 mon ago
Price: $1.10
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 5