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Remove Copyright Infringement To Send Dmca And Dmca Takedown


Hi, I am Khalid. I am DMCA expert. I send notices to the different websites and to their hosts against stolen and copied content. I have solid experience in drafting and editing legal documents and am ably assisted by a team of competent professionals. I will help in ensuring your legal documents are flawless and ready to be filed with the courts and/ or delivered to your clients. I am offering my DMCA takedown services for the following platforms •Google •Facebook •YouTube •Twitter •Instagram •Pinterest •LinkedIn •Reddit •Tumbler •Only fans •Hubspot .Etsy •And all other platforms. Please do not hesitate to message me to explain your specific needs and/or goals so I can make certain my work is tailored towards same.



Price: $10.50
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 2