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I Will Promote Your Posts In My Facebook Groups


We offer excellent promotion opportunities for individuals who post: monetized videos, reels, images, and course sales.

Easy Cake Recipes - 362,298 members
Simple Cake Recipes - 10,600 members - for course sales

Both mentioned groups are highly active and attract a wide range of content, including recipes, desserts, and cake decorations.

These two groups serve different purposes – one for generating traffic and the other for course sales. However, both are active and yield positive results for advertising and views.

Additionally, you can use them to promote your own groups by cross-sharing between groups to increase your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What role will you have in the group?
Only pre-approved profiles that you intend to use will be granted posting privileges, and you can post freely.

Usage Terms:
• Approval for 2 profiles
• Maximum of 2 posts per group
• Post duration of 15 days
• Sharing is allowed as long as it aligns with the group's theme and doesn't violate Facebook's policies.
• If policies are violated or unauthorized content is shared, or if you abuse the allowed number of posts, the agreement will be terminated, and there will be no refund.



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