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As we all know Etsy shop set up is more than just signing up, It about the ability of being able to set up your shop effectively ranging from Etsy banner, Etsy logo, shop announcement, Products listing, product optimization, Etsy shop policy, e.t.c

If expert is what you care for, then I'm the best option for you, I will help set up your etsy digital products shop, list your to your store design mock up to display your digital products designs.

To cut the explanation short, check out what I have for you.

Etsy Shop set up.
Etsy digital products design ranges from planner, invitation, resume template, wall art e.t.c
Etsy website design.
Etsy website optimization.
Etsy products listing.
Products Optimization ranges from SEO, Backlinks, Embedding products to over 1000 websites and promotion of social media.
Mock up design to display to premium products.
Etsy branding kit set up ranges from Etsy banner/cover, Etsy logo, Etsy shop announcement, Etsy shop policy setting.
Etsy shop manager ranging from consultation to becoming your shop manager.

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Price: $6.21
Delivery time: 3 days
Max revisions: 3