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I Will Send 500 Emails Manually 1 By 1


Hi, I am Shihab Aakil. Welcome to my gig

If you are looking for an email sender who sends your emails manually one by one , here the right place for you.

What did I need ?
Your email and password
Email list( whom you want to send emails )

Note: I will send emails only from your email account and I am not using my own email account for sending emails.after to all yours clients I will remove yours email form my list ( your account is 100% secure). To inform you:

I didn't write anything but if you want then I will do a little customized like add names ,dates ,& company etc.
Why send emails manually?

Each & every mail will go to the inbox, You can personalize each of your customers

When you will send bulk emails by using software, there is more chance to go to the spam

Sending mail manually is safe & secure.

Why Hire me ?

Best quality, honesty & accuracy
100% refund policy
Fast & prompt delivery of work
Unlimited revisions
Work samples are available on demand
24 houses availability.
Why I am fit for this job?
Hardworking mentality.
If you still have any questions or want to discuss prices for a custom project don't hesitate . I always welcome you.



Price: $5.25
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 5