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I Will Create a WordPress Website And Create Template HTML5 & CSS3 For The Website


Full Stack WordPress Developer with over 5 years of combined experience developing different web and software solutions. I have great understanding of the entire web development process, including specifications, security, implementation, documentation, and quality assurance.

Currently interested in WordPress projects: WordPress Hosting, WordPress Themes, WordPress E-Commerce, WordPress Design, WordPress Plugins. I am interested in collaboration with digital agencies, web design and web development companies all over the world.

Skilled expert with a focus on developing cost effective solutions for all kinds of businesses.
No matter how difficult the task is, I’m always implementing the best possible solution!

My primary language is technical English, but I'm ready to explain technical details and discuss your business needs and project goals.

Skills and Qualifications

Good understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery



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how long will it take for you to build this in wordpress? https://norskogltd.ukit.me/

Price: $5.18
Delivery time: 2 days
Max revisions: 3