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I will remove 10 copied or infringing content links under dmca


If your online content is being used without your permissions then I can remove all the copied content from internet under DMCA takedown claims.

I will search all the internet to find your infringing content, then I will collect the infringing data and do the removal process for Google search results, bing search results, facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, reddit, shopify, amazon, ebay, etsy, walmart, and tiktok.

I will also send dmca counter notices for all of these platforms.

I manage all the projects in a professional way and I am well communicative.

To remove the copied content I send dmca takedown notices and if your content is disabled or removed by a fake dmca then I will send counter notices.

Lets talk about your projects and start it right now.

Best regards

Muhammad Khalid



Price: $10.50
Delivery time: 2 days
Max revisions: 2