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I will Draft and Dend DMCA takedown Notices Against Infringing Content from Infringing Websites for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Google, Tiktok, etc



Welcome ti my gig,

☻ Hi, I'm Adeel Ahmad. I am a professional DMCA expert.

☻If you are creating your own content across the web, and due to digital theft, piracy and copyright violations your content is stolen and is being uploaded across different websites without your consent or permission,

☻Then don't worry I will be your legal advocate to remove infringing content under DMCA takedown notices on infringing websites.

☻I will draft and send DMCA takedown notices against infringing content to remove it from infringing websites.

☻I offer my services on the following websites in Social.

☻Media Plateforms .

1-Pinterest ✓
2-TikTok ✓
3-Youtube ✓
4-Twitter ✓
5-Google search ✓
6-Facebook ✓
7-Instagram ✓
8-Ebay ✓
9-Bing ✓

Note: Removal is not guaranteed but there is a 90% chance of content removal.

Contact me before placing an order so that we can discuss about the task.

Regards, Adeel Ahmad



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