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I Will Make Blogspot Website For You Or Your Business.



__I will make blogging website for you or your business.

__I will make blogging website with my theme. If you want then you provide your own theme and I will designed with your own theme. I provide 5 essential page Home, About us, contact us and associated with your email, terms and conditions, disclaimer, privacy policy page.

__If any customer send mail to contact form you get it on your Gmail.

__I also index your website in a Google search console.

##Why Choose me:
1: 5 essential page.
2: Google search console setup
3: add custom domain if you provide domain.
4: contact form set up with your Gmail.
5: Sitemap.
6: Unique Colour.
I do best for you. You can get AdSense approval easily with my provided website that's why price is little high but I give you generate you are happy with my service.

__Then visit my sample website. There nothing much content.

__If there any problems with price don't hesitate to hire custom. Just tell what price you want to give. If I think it's good enough then we go for next one.

__You will get AdSense approval very easy with my provided website, just need article.

__Note: I don't provide any article.



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Price: $5.18
Delivery time: 2 days
Max revisions: 2