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Photo & Video Photo editing

I possess the expertise to perform professional background removal for 25 photos


My quality of work aims to create the perfect image for my clients particular project it's my goal to achieve my clients satisfaction by providing my best service and timely completion of the project I always love to work with challenge's believe you will be highly satisfied
I support you 24 hours if you like my work. Then please order me
24 hours . express delivery
4 hours. Super fast delivery
5 years of experience
Here are my services:
Remove shadow
Color correction
Photo shaping
Clothing shaping
Remove objects from picture
And much more!
If you need any clarifications regarding my services, feel free to message me at any time
100% satisfaction



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How to make earning in sprotgigs

Create Gig Listings: On the sprout gigs platform, create individual gig listings for each service you offer. Provide clear and concise descriptions of what you will deliver, any specific requirements or limitations, and the expected delivery time. Use attention-grabbing titles and include relevant tags or keywords to make your gigs more discoverable. And also can earn doing micro jobs.

Price: $3.00
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 2