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I Will Do Natural Human Like Ai Voice Over Text To Speech Male And Female (Up To 2500 Words)



Your project will change when you use professional AI voiceovers! Using cutting-edge technology, I produce engaging male and female AI voiceovers for your scripts, commercials, or other content. As a talented SproutGigs AI voice creater , I guarantee quick delivery times and top-notch audio. Your audience will be captivated by the power of AI narration, which can improve your audio experience. Let my experience easily make your words come to life. Order now to have a voiceover that stands out!

What is expected of you:
- The written work/ contant
- Style Preferences: (e.g., friendly, conversational, professional)
- Format: Select your favorite file format (WAV, MP3, etc.).
- Delivery Time:
- Special Instructions: Include any more requests or guidelines you may have for the voiceover in this
- Word Count: Indicate the word count of the script in detail so that the cost can be determined.

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- How does voiceover using artificial intelligence's (AI) operate?
: An artificial intelligence voiceover is created using state-of-the-art technology. Using complex
algorithms, text can be converted into speech that sounds natural, resulting in seamless and efficient
creation of audio content.

- How can I choose the right voice for my project?
: You may choose the best voice for your project by considering aspects such as language, tone, and
style. With the AI voice artist's samples, you may make an informed decision based on the
requirements of your project.

- Which file types are compatible with the provided voiceovers?
: The most common file formats are MP3, WAV, and others, depending on your preferences. Consult
the AI voice artist to ensure that the delivery format satisfies the technical requirements.



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Delivery time: 1 day
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