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I will Clean and Optimize your Data in Ms Excel (Max 950 Rows)



Welcome to my Gig.

☻ I can professionally do Excel data cleaning and the fastest data entry in Excel "Max ( 950 rows )"

☻ The service I offer will allow you to avoid repetitive manual work and save your time.

☻ I can help with tasks such as:

✔️ Cleaning or removing unnecessary information or data from excel files.
✔️Visible data formatting (lowercase, UPPERCASE, uppercase).
✔️Splitting or combining names (first name, middle name, last name).
✔️Split or combine addresses (street, city, state).
✔️Extract data (character, delimiter, symbol)
✔️Delete duplicate data.
✔️Rearrange Excel data alphabetically, by date or by any other format.
✔️Separate data into rows and columns.
✔️Filtering data.
✔️Splitting data (splitting any Excel text into different columns).
✔️Organize and merge rows of data.
✔️Data formatting ( Give a "pretty shape" to your messy Excel spreadsheet ).
✔️Formatting phone numbers into the proper format.
✔️Formatting emails into the proper format.
✔️Organize data according to your needs.

☻Additional features :

► Unlimited revisions.
► Work until you are satisfied

Place your order now.

Hope to hear from you soon.




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Price: $4.66
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 40