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I Will Listen to Your Personal Problems As A Friend


Hey, it's me, Anannya, thank you for checking out my gig!

Who am I?

I have worked as a relationship consaltant and a business woman. I also have a grip on psychology.

You can share your personal problems. I will listen your all problems that will help your brain to relax.

There are many problems in life which we all are facing. Everyone has some personal issues that cannot be shareable to our friends and colleagues or family members.
We think that people who know us can laugh on us or irritates us. As a result we get depressed.

What people never understand is that depression isn't about the outside, It's about the inside. You may see someone smiling but inside they're dying.

Don't take it as a joke.

I will listen you for 15 minutes in 2 dollars. If you want to share more then the amount will increase.

I hope it will help you to save your life!

Thanks :)



Price: $2.10
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