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I Will Remove Footer Credit of Blogger Template


If you are new in the blogging field and want to use some premium
blogger templates for free by removing footer credit then this is for you.

There are many websites like Templateyard, Gotaboya template etc. who are selling premium blogger templates with a minimum of $5 to around $60.

They also provide some of templates that come with a footer credit. They also put some unused javascript which eventually slows down the website loading time. They also provide some premium support along with.

NOTE: Some blogger templates come with a Non-removable credit link and if someone tries to remove them then your blog will automatically redirect to the original website.

So here I will provide you with some codes which will bypass the premium theme coding and you will be able to use your own footer credit on your blogger theme.



Price: $1.05
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 0