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Photo & Video Video Editing

I will edit your video up to 15 minutes


I have been working for over 4 years with large companies and players in the digital world!

I have already edited and produced more than 800 videos, we know for sure what really converts today and what doesn't, I edit videos with excellent quality, including interspersed videos.
I offer quality services, reliability and fast delivery to better serve you!
Great price and fast delivery so customers are happy!

What I'll do:
-Trim/cut/time remapping
-Better quality transitions
-Color correction/gradation (prices vary between basic and advanced levels)
-Editing footage with multiple cameras (footage recorded with multiple cameras)
-Promotional/Advertising/Films/Real Estate
-Corporate Videos
Drone Footage Editing
And much more

• Up to 15 minutes of footage provided
• Execution time of up to 2 minutes
• Color gradation
• Sound design and mixing
• Motion graphics



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Price: $36.23
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