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I Will Be Your Full Stack Web Developer Using React, Node Js And Python



I'm Md Azharul. I am Full Stack Web Developer || React.js || Node.js || Python || WordPress expert || Font-End Developer || Web design

Are you looking for someone who is trustworthy, dedicated, and hardworking for your project involving Full Stack Developer, React, Node.js, and Express.js? Then, at that point, I'm the ideal individual for you. I have more than 4+ long periods of involvement with information passage, online exploration, and lead age work. I always try to keep my skills up to date and learn new skills that I can use at work. I always make every effort to satisfy the client, guaranteeing high-quality work and prompt delivery. Additionally, I am dedicated to my work and a diligent individual.

My provided services are: Frontend framework
✅ Front-End Developer
✅ React.js
✅ AngularJS
✅ html, css
✅ java
✅ Vue.js
✅ Bootstrap
✅ Tailwind CSS
✅ WordPress
✅ Material UI

My provided services are: Backend framework
✅ Express.js
✅ Node.js
✅ Laravel
✅ MongoDB
✅ React-Redux
✅ Chat GPT | Open AI | API |

✅ Designing:
1. UI/UX
2. Mobile App and web app designing
3. Wire-Frame
4. Prototype

My Skillset

✅ UX/UI Design for web, and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
✅ Website Framer development
✅ Interaction Design (transitions, animations, etc)
✅ Design thinking
✅ Prototyping
✅ Wireframing
✅ Website Design and Development (SaaS, eCommerce, Landing Page, etc.)

✅ 100% JSS.
✅ 90+ Clients Across Various Platforms
✅ 4+ years of experience



Public Questions



Czech Republic Czech Republic

Published 3 months ago

Hi, do you think you will be able to make something like this? Not UI, just working python script (from script, it generates image, could be through DALL-E, audio from elevenlabs and most importantly the videos should look with similar quality)

Price: $12.42
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 3