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I will create an amazing custom tattoo design


Hi there!

I can create/design for you an incredible tattoo!!

Before ordering, please contact me to describe your ideas in detail - it would be even better if you have clear references and the inspiration of what you want. Also, if you have reference pictures will be very helpful.

My style is better for animals or other creatures and objects. For human beings I have different style (more towards comic or neo-traditional), so it could have a different price set and timeframes - please address this when you contact me if it's your case.

The file will be sent in high definition PNG or JPG format, along with the PSD source file if you require and/or depending of the package you choose.

Anything extra, like background, colors, additional figures/elements or complexity will be discussed in the first contact so we can work without any misunderstanding.

Please consider that the base price listed here is for 1 realistic line figure, anything different or extra should be discussed



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Price: $8.28
Delivery time: 4 days
Max revisions: 3