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Photo & Video Photo editing

I will professionally retouch your photo in photoshop



I'm a professional retoucher from Bangladesh. I will Edit your 10 photos in 5 Dollars.

I have many years experience of photography and photo editing, as well as a wealth of experience how to use Photoshop. For the last 10 years I have been working as a graphics visual designer and professional retoucher in Bangladesh. I am ready to perform professional processing of your photos, taking into according your wishes. I will process your photos for social networks, portraits for your portfolio, photos from your birthdays, weddings, etc.

Suitable for:

Editorial & Beauty
Portrait & Lifestyle
Fashion & Commercial
Social Media Content, Book looks and Campaigns for Brands

Top reason to hire me:

10+ years of experience

Quick Delivery time

Big discount on Big orders.

Discount on getting 2nd time service.


Skin Retouching (Blemish/Wrinkle Removal & Smoothing)
Colour/Tone Adjustments and Corrections
Fly Away Hair Removal
Body Reshaping
Dodging and Burning
Teeth Whitening
Exposure and Contrast
Background Removal/Replacement (please provide the background you would like to change to)
Object Removal



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Nigeria Nigeria

Published 3 weeks ago

Hi, Are you available ? Can you do photo manipulation ?

Price: $5.25
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 2