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Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I Will Do KGR Keyword Research To Rank Fast.


Do you willing to rank your blog or Amazon affiliate website on the Google first page within a few weeks?

I will do in-depth kgr keyword research to find out the best long tail K.W according to your niche.

KGR is a long tail K.W (search volume < 250) selection technique that can rank a website quickly.


Allintitle / monthly search volume = KGR

KGR Kws using guidelines:

Value<0.25 (best)

Value between 0.25 & 1 (worth applying)

Value>1 (difficult to rank)

What you get:

KGR Kws with Spreadsheet
Monthly search volume results
Allintitle results
Competitors Researched
Action Plan

Extra Benefits:

I also provide LSI keywords that will help your KGR K.W to rank fast.

The tools I will use to find golden KWs:

Google Adword Planner

KGR K.W Research is a proven method to rank on Google.
Even new website content can rank on Google within a few weeks by applying the KGR method .
But it's true that finding KGR (K.W Golden Ratio) is not so easy. I'm here to help you discover KGR K.W to rank your page. It's time to break the competition. So let's start...



Price: $5.25
Delivery time: 2 days
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