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I will provide User tracking your Web Site (Read Description More Information)


This is very valuable for those who publish SEO Ads because it automatically records the people who come to the website and the time they spend, as well as the page scrolling that clicks on the website as a video.(Record Sessions)

You can check whether the user who comes to the website stays for a certain period of time

Session recording/playback
Two distinct recording systems (one very lightweight, one very precise)
Learn more about session recordings.


Click heatmaps
Mouse movement heatmaps
Scroll heatmaps
Heatmaps can be generated for a specific user segment.
Visitors list containing:
IP address
Browser version
Screen size
Date of visit
Visit duration
Number of pages visited
Visited pages path
Custom user tags and auto-tagging
Learn more about the tagging system.

Bounce rate
Session length
Top referrers
Top pages
Top countries

User segments
Event system :
Track events attached to each user session
Events can store any type of data (product purchases, JSON data, custom values, etc.)
Learn more about the event system.

Realtime visitors count number
Live playback of users currently browsing the site
Track multiple domains in one dashboard
Multi-user: add eunlock users that have access only to specific domains.

Demo Account Login
Username : demo
Password : demo123



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