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Photo & Video E-Commerce Product Videos

I Will Create A Promotional AD Video for your E-Commerce / Product / Website etc. ( Up to 1 min )


Hello sir and Welcome to my gig!

☻ As an Expert in Creating a Promotional Advertisement Video, through high-quality professional programs, i will create a Short AD Video describing your Products, Store, Service, Website etc. I promise that it will be very popular and will bring you a lot of visitors. and it will help you a lot in terms of Advertising, the video will be Short 1 min depending Up to 3 min. The video may be accompanied by a screenshot of your website or store etc. it may also be accompanied by other images or clips Copyright-free, and this is so that you do not run into some problems when uploading it to YouTube or other platforms. Also, the video will be accompanied by VoiceOver, and appearances High quality perfectly explains exactly what you want!

☻ How is the video service done?

✓Study the topic
✓ Screenshot of the site, store, or thing to be advertised
✓Create a voiceover
✓Download high-resolution clips and images FHD+ free of copyright (that you do not run into some problems when uploading it to YouTube or other platforms)
✓Integration of screenshot & photos & clips with voiceover
✓ Adjust display sizes for each
✓Adjust lighting and transitions
✓Add writing to the video or explanations
✓Video review and noise adjustment
✓Record the video and upload it to the compression program, so that its size is reduced, such as from 1 GB to 50 MB in order to download it quickly in social media or youtube platform (This process does not change the resolution of the video, because the program used is professional)
✓Upload the video, so that it can be obtained in the form of a link.

☻You will not regret dealing with me after you put your trust in my service, I work hard and focus to make the customer satisfied and happy, my goal is to satisfy you, my Service Advantages:

✓ Fast delivery
✓ Quick reply to the conversation
✓ Creative result, High-quality, Unique
✓ Professional work, smart and focused
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Very Good I recommend it to everyone

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Good work and submit on time

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Nice job

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best seller and very fast

Published 2 days ago


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best seller and very fast

Published 2 days ago

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