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Digital Writing Articles & Blog Posts

I will set a best song on one of your Tiktok video of 4 minutes


I am offering my skills to create graphics and captions highlighting an athlete's achievement or commitment. As well as gameday graphics or promotions for any game or sport event.

You will get a post with a fresh design and creative content ideas. Over 6 years in Social Media Marketing made me a real rocker in this sphere.

I can create content that will achieve high engagement, increase the number of subscribers and expand the profile's reach. To achieve this, I will:

- Create viral content and develop a unique design code;

- Work with various social platforms (IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube etc.);

- Optimize hashtags.

Just choose your package and you're all set!

1. Design (graphics only) + Caption + Hashtags

2. Design (Animation) + Caption + Hashtags

3. Video for Tiktok, Reels, Shorts + Caption + Hashtags

I LOVE my job and I can't imagine my future life without it. That's the main reason I'm here.



Price: $5.78
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 10