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I will Rewrite and Rephrase Up Your Articles



✏️ Do you have a blog but not enough time or resources to write?
I'm here to help you.

✏️ All you have to do is find an already-written article or blog post and I will rewrite it all for you.

✏️ All writing and editing will be done by humans (myself), so rest assured that your article will not be flagged for copyright and plagiarism.

✏️ EXAMPLE: (ORIGINAL TEXT) - SproutGigs Tips for Beginners.

✏️ Think of your first 25 tasks like a job interview. Do your work carefully, don't rush and make sure you focus on achieving a 100% satisfaction rate.

✏️ If your success rate drops below 80% stop working and correct your mistakes before your account is frozen or closed.

✏️ Any violation of the above rules will ultimately lead to a ban, and immediate forfeiture of all accumulated winnings in your account.


✏️ Your first 25 assignments should be taken as seriously as you would take a job interview.

✏️Do not rush through this process and complete all assignments with the utmost care, achieving 100% satisfaction should be your goal.

✏️If your success rate is below 80%, correct your mistakes to avoid closure or freezing of your account by our system.

✏️You will be banned and lose ALL YOUR EARNINGS if you violate any of the above rules.

✏️ My work process:

1. Read your copied article word for word.
2. Do my own research on the topic and understand everything.
3. Start rewriting and rephrasing Paragraph by paragraph.
4. Correct grammatical and spelling errors.
5. Rewrite sentence by sentence.
6. Proofread AGAIN for grammatical and spelling errors.
7. Begin formatting font styles.
8. Research and enter related non-copyrighted images.
9. 10. Export to a text file or document and upload.

FEES: $1 = 1000 words (After the rewrite, the length will be over 1000 words, but only pay for 1000 words submitted.




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