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I Will Be Your Best Friend and I Listen you


Hey, how's going!


Basically, you can talk to me about anything you want for 1 hour. literally, anything you want. because everyone's DNA is different from others so everyone is different and it's a good thing. that's the fun of meeting new people. so you may like something that's unliked by many other people.

But you don't worry about it, you can still talk to me about it if you want to. as I said not everyone likes tomatoes in their burger. because I don't have that in my DNA.

Things to do

-Talk about anything

-Vent about anything

-Play games (Depends on if I've it or not)

Things I promise

-100% Full attention to you

-I won't give you advice (unless you ask for my opinion *not advice*)

-I won't judge you

I'm based on EST time. Feel free to text me if you've any questions :)



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South Africa South Africa


best guy to work with, ver patient

Published 5 mon ago

Public Questions



Indonesia Indonesia

Published a week ago

do what me to give money?

Sir if you need a friend or a well wisher that's gives you good ideas about your life



Tunisia Tunisia

Published 2 weeks ago

Do you like football

Yes of course I love football



Indonesia Indonesia

Published 3 weeks ago

what to do when we disagree with our friends or even our friends, who are always with us almost all the time?

Reach out โ€“ Let your friend know that you want to talk and work things out. Make a time to talk โ€“ When you're both ready and calm, set a time to talk. Keep calm โ€“ Speak in a calm, even voice. Take a break if things get heated!



India India

Published a month ago

-I won't give you advice (unless you ask for my opinion *not advice*)

Sir tell me you're opinion and if you want to share anything am ready for this

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