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I Will Create 100% Professional Blogger Website For You (Offer only 1$ for this month)


Get a 100% complete full professional, Responsive, SEO-friendly and AdSense-ready Blogger Website. I have working experience from 2013 to till now. I have more than 5 AdSense Apporoved Blogger Website (I am admin of those sites). So I have deep experience on Blogger website development.

My Blogger website package includes the following:
Standard Package
1. Custom logo ✔️
2. Site icon ✔️
3. Responsive Theme ✔️
4. 100% Mobile Friendly ✔️
5. Google Search Console Configuration ✔️
6. Bing Search Console Configuration ✔️
7. Google Analytics Configuration ✔️
8. SEO Setup ✔️
9. Menu (Header + Footer) ✔️
10. “Privacy Policy” Page ✔️
11. “About Us” Page ✔️
12. “Contact Us” Page ✔️
13. AdSense Integration for Monetization ✔️
14. Custom domain setup ✔️
15. Copy Protection for Your Content ✔️
Prize 3$ (Offer Prize: only 1$ for this Month)

Here are Some Demo Blogger Website: (You can choose any one or order me which type you want)
1. Blue =
2. Black =
3. White =
4. Ash =

For more Information and style visit this link:

Get a 100% professional and high speed blog that is easy to navigate and protects your content Also, with my SEO Friendly setup, your blog will rank higher in search engines and attract more traffic.

Don't settle for a generic blogger website - stand out with a custom design tailored to your needs order
Now and get started.

Why I am special??
Are you Know about google PageSpeed Insights? You must confirm that your blogger website has minimum 90%+ PageSpeed. Maximum Blogger websites are less then 60% pagespeed, that's not good. If you make website from me, I will give you 99% PageSpeed. You will rank easily and quickly, if your blogger has 90%+ page speed.



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Jamaica Jamaica

Published a month ago

do you put articles on the website?



India India

Published 11 months ago

Provide some samples of blogger website not WordPress

Some blogger site sample added in Links section. Plz Check..

Price: $3.00
Delivery time: 1 day
Max revisions: 3